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 Post subject: Dead Rising 2
PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:58 am 
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Dead Rising 2 came out over a week ago on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. I got it on pc, and it works very well. Capcom's pc games work as well or better than the console games. Everything maxed, 1080p, smooth!

I won't go into too much detail, but I'll say that if you played the first and hated it, this sequel won't change your mind. If you played the first and liked it but had issues with it, this game has fixed everything or tweaked most of the troublesome areas. If you've never played Dead Rising, just get this game!

For the most part, zombies are slow. They meander around. This is Dawn of the Dead, not Left 4 Dead. But there's still challenge in that there are hundreds upon hundreds of zombies on screen at once, and thousands in any given area. There are so many weapons to bash, slice, crush, and blow up zombies. If an item exists in the world, you can hit a zombie with it. Throw or hit zombies with cash registers, cd cases, flashlights, cardboard cutouts, hamburgers, swords, shotguns, tables! It's sandbox and it's story driven. It takes place in Fortune City, which is basically Las Vegas, rebuilt after the zombie apocalypse destroyed Vegas. There's a lot to do when you've got indoor malls, casinos, outdoor parks, food courts, and more!

The game is solo, with drop in/out co-op (which works very very well), and has 4-player vs, but that mode is more of a small distraction, not the main event. The game is Games for Windows Live, so it uses your Xbox Live account if you have that. It has achievements. Game invites, join requests, all there. Wired 360 pad works flawlessly (what I use). Wireless pad is not working at the moment without 3rd party hacks.

In summary, get this if you want to hack zombies to pieces in more ways than you can count. You can try, but you'll lose count after a while. It's just zombie killing goodness!

Here's my friend trying to box some zombies

I've got an entourage of well-armed survivors, along with a friend in co-op

You play as Chuck Greene. There's his daughter Katey. You can bring her gifts if you want, so I brought her that bunny.

I attached a lawnmower blade to a novelty Servbot headpiece. That allowed me to run headfirst into crowds of zombies. Satisfaction!


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